Sophias Styling, wedding hair makeup and planning, and C+I boutique

Sophias Styling, wedding hair makeup and planning, and C+I boutique

this is where you will Can keep up with my work for Chloe and isabel, wedding hair and makeup, wedding planning, and fashion and wardrobe styling!

I am a licenced cosmetologist, i have advanced training in color, up- doos, redken products and color, personal shoping, image consulting, makeup, event/ weding planing, and much more. i work as a merchandiser for Chloe and Isabel and sell amazing jewelry. i love my job! i am also starting a website called Various Tones, where i can share all my knowledge of beauty, shoping, life, fashion, events, and much more. i wil have a Blog, Shop with designer fashion up to 80% off, inspiration, tips, tricks, services i offer, everything about the jewelry i sell, and so much more! take a look if you have any questions just send me a message.

Just thought I would share with you all that I am now 32 weeks pregnant with my first! And I am so excited to be having a little girl! due in September! And also Chloe and Isabel just launched a awesome new collection you must check out! Ask me how!

Product rave of the day! Using no heat and only the products below I was able to achieve loose beachy curls that are Griz free and have just the right amount of volume. Start with the redken beachy volume shampoo and conditioner, towel dry and spritz with the sea salt spray. Scrunch all over, add the matrix volume mouse and spray with the pillow proof style extender. Part ear to ear horizontally and clip top up. Twist the bottom section into about 6 or 7 twists, do the same with the top half. Scrunch twists a bunch re twisting parts as needed and dry on low medium heat with a diffuser or hand diffuse, or let air dry scrunching and twisting as needed and finish with one more spritz of the pillow proof style extender! For product recommendations and huge discounts on products delivered to your door message me! And check out my online boutique

So Chloe and Isabel has launched a line of hair accessories that we colaborated with the woman who does the kardashians hair! None other than celebrity stylist Jen Atkin! Check out the new pieces below and check out our new men's collections also Father's Day is right around the corner and these are perfect gifts for those amazing men in our life's! Everything avaliable at
Also keep an eye out for my hair tutorials coming soon! I will be featuring Chloe and Isabel jewelry and accessories as well as local designers for wardrobe and great hair products! All to bring you easy fashionable styles you can do at home and look like you stepped off a runway! Message me if you are a designer and would like to be featured, if you are interested in being a model, or if you want to host a party or need help shopping!

So excited to share that Chloe and Isabel has now launched a new collection that includes more than just amazing jewels! We now have purses sunglasses phone cases watches and much more not to mention our new additions to our men's collection! Check them out at



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