Black Moon Massage

Black Moon Massage

Deep Tissue
Hot Stones
Ashiatsu Oriential Bar Certified

My main passion is to stimulate the quieter side of our consciousness that modern day living overruns with it's infinite variety and options to be and remain stimulated.
Benefits to "turning on" the parasympathetic nervous system include lower blood pressure and stress, increased immune system response, elevation in mood and higher sense of physical and psychological well being

I do not focus on clinical massage but rather like to fold in or incorporate clinical techniques into massage sessions and for this reason I do not accept insurance.

I specialize in Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy which delivers deep tissue massage with my feet, but also do other forms of massage with my hands. Most sessions are a hybrid.

Prior to my new career choice, I was a high-end retail sales professional for 12 years and have held positions in to-the-trade interior design shops, Tiffany & Co jewelers, and art galleries. My professional roots are grounded solidly in customer service, customization and creative solutions for clientele satisfaction.

[01/07/17]   It's a good day for massage! I'm ready!!!:-)

[01/07/17]   Banish dry skin Winter blues! For the month of January add an exfoliating 30min body scrub to any massage for $25 followed by my super nourishing whipped coconut and shea butter body cream. Your skin will love you!

Admit it... This is what you really wanted to find.

Finally a policy I can endorse ;-)

[09/17/16]   Whoo hoo! The massage cups are in! Look for this service on the menu soon. :-)

[09/07/16]   Black Moon celebrates 2 years of providing health and well-being to West Seattle! As a thank you to my amazing clients all I'll be offering special discounts and introducing new services all month long. Cheers everyone! 🎈🎈🎁🎂🎁🎈🎈

[08/13/16]   Relaxing for the summer had been fabulous. So many new techniques, workshops, and menu offerings have been hatched. Stay tuned! September is going to be exciting!

[05/06/16]   Thanks everyone for making the Group On campaign a smashing success! My volume continues to be higher then average this month but I anticipate a steady return to my normal 1-2 weeks in advance booking time. Thanks for everyone's patience. Keep calm and massage on!

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