Urban Yoga Spa

Urban Yoga Spa

Yoga {Heated & Unheated}: Power, Hatha, Basics, Slow Flow & Yin

Spa Services Include: Massage, Reike, Waxing & Mani/Pedis

Instagram: @urbanyogaspa

The Urban Yoga Spa is the ultimate urban destination for the ongoing maintenance, improvement and connection of your mind, body and self through the practice of Hot Yoga and Spa Services, in the convenience of one location. It is our goal to provide you with convenience: a convenient location, a convenient schedule, and convenient accommodations.

Happy Holidays ❄️🌲

FEATURED FRIDAY: Meet Danielle! She came on board with us this year and we feel so lucky to have her!

Danielle attended her first yoga class while living in San Francisco in 1997. Having a background in dance, the physicality of flow classes felt very familiar to her, but it was the clarity she experienced once she finally got the hang of savasana that kept her coming back for more. Since then, she's relied on her practice to access and cultivate a greater sense of self awareness- which recently came in handy when a tricky-to-diagnose autoimmune disease did its best to kick her asana for 3 1/2 years. During that time, she found that the hour or so spent on her mat every day was the only time she really felt like herself, and set out to find a way to extend that time. In 2013 she completed the first of many yoga teacher trainings, and is just so grateful to share this source of connection -to self, as well as community- with the Urban Yoga family.

When not getting down with you in our vinyasa and hatha classes, Danielle loves finding new places to hike with a couple of crazy chihuahuas, cheering for her teenage son from the sidelines at the local skate park (much to his chagrin,) and offering her recreational mixologist husband valuable feedback on his latest craft cocktail creation.

Check out her weightless yoga sculpt classes, coming to the schedule in January!

Studio C, such an awesome place for that unheated class! Come join us at 5:45!

FEATURED FRIDAY: Meet John Fulton (on the left). John is one of our fall back into yoga challenge winners. What's funny is, he was surprised he won! He was quoted saying, "I just happened to start up doing yoga again after about 6 years in late September. I had torn some spinal ligaments from weight lifting and thought this would be a good idea to recuperate. I actually haven't done a single weight lift since then and my back feels amazing...which I think is reward enough!"

Thanks for being a part of our community John. It's people like you who make our studio feel like home. 🙏🏽

MALA BEADS! Come make yourself some mala beads this Sunday at 1:30! Spots still available!

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1900 4th Ave
Seattle, WA

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Monday 6am - 8pm
Tuesday 6am - 8pm
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