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As a professional massage therapist I have over 11 years of experience but I can remember massaging friends during volleyball and basketball games as early as middle school. I consider myself an intuitive therapist specializing in deep tissue/sports massage with a great desire to help people. As an active single mother of two I see the importance of self care and enjoy working with families and athletes alike. I am very grateful for the opportunity to encourage and educate my clients as they embark on their journey toward optimal health! See you soon!

[04/12/13]   test

[10/03/12]   Kids at school, cup of tea for me and massage for my peeps! A day in the life...

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Get cozy - 1. To make oneself snug and comfortable: cozy up with the Tea & Massage. Get the whole picture - and other photos from Rosy Clover

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[09/20/12]   naps are AWESOME!

[09/20/12]   I love my job! Interesting conversation and I help people feel good. Couldn't get any better!



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