Touch Factor Massage

Touch Factor Massage

Escape From The Ordinary...

Welcome to Touch Factor Massage. I strive to make my bodywork as relaxing as it is therapeutic. I blend several different styles (Myofascial Release, Deep Lomi, Structural Integration, Thai Stretching, Hot Yoga, Relaxation Response...) into my massage to provide you with a profoundly relaxing and effective massage experience.

Because of the intensity and uniqueness of my work, I usually see no more than two or three clients a day, to make sure that I can give you the best massage experience possible. I also leave you plenty of time after your massage to relax on the table or freshen up in a private bathroom with a shower.

So please come and visit me in my very warm, comfortable and relaxing Seattle (Magnolia) location when you need to get away for awhile....

Beautiful 3-Dimensional Massage Demonstartion

Another video highlighting some of my adaptations of Leslie Bruder's amazing Phenomenal Touch Massage Techniques. Check out Leslie and her amazing work at

How To Give A Great Foot Massage!

A quick video on how to give a great foot massage.

Intense Hip Work (Frog Leg Routine)

Clothed Supine Pullover Demonstration

A clothed demonstration of my Supine Pullovers and how they got so much better after Leslie Bruder of Phenomenal Touch Massage got ahold of me....

Thai Massage Full Body Stretch

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Beautiful 3-Dimensional Massage Demonstartion
How To Give A Great Foot Massage!
Intense Hip Work (Frog Leg Routine)
Clothed Supine Pullover Demonstration
Thai Stretching Demo - Brige and Flyer
Subscap Massage Demonstation Video 042014B
Joe Lavins Bodywork - Subscap Demo for NWSM (042014A)

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