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Owned and operated by internationally celebrated colorist, stylist, platform artist and teacher, Daniel Keane, Serenza is the place to go for head-to -toe beauty and serenity. Their team of spa professionals offers a wide variety of reviving, rejuvenating and gently healing treatments that includes natural facials, soothing and therapeutic massages, herbal contour wraps, and full-body hydrating masques.

Whether you're looking for the perfect cut and color, a high-tech shellac manicure, a personalized makeover or a full day of spectacular spa treatments, you'll find it all at Serenza. No matter what you choose, you'll leave feeling renewed, refreshed and beautiful.

[01/20/17]   Grace rated us 5 out of 5!

Easy access,very pleasant salon with lots of natural light and full of specialty items to purchase. And not least of all, regardless of who cuts my hair it's always good.

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Misha will do a Dermaplane

Our younger guests enjoy a quality Serenza Salon haircut too! #andersenrossphoto

[01/11/17]   Cutting Remarks Part 3
The Importance of Where You Work- So does the kind of stylist you eventually become depend on where you go to work right out of school? I think it depends a great deal on that. And it also depends on the commitment you have to getting the best training you can find. A new stylist coming out of school today needs to decide what they want to be and they also have to make the commitment to do the practice.

I meet a lot of stylists fresh out of school and they have picked up some skills and they think, “Well, I probably know it all by now.” But no matter what you decide to do in life, you will only become a master at something after you’ve done it ten thousand times. I’ve added up the number of haircuts I’ve done and it’s well over ten thousand now. And it took a lot of years and focused practice to get here. In the current instant-gratification society now, people tend to think that you can watch a “master” do something a few times in a video on the internet and then you’ll know how to do it. Well, that doesn’t even begin to cover it. You need the actual hands-on, purposeful practice that makes somebody a good professional haircutter.

This is part 1 of a new series I'm calling "Cutting Remarks".

The Art of Cutting Hair. The way anyone learns how to do a great haircut is through a lot of practice. As in any skill set, what that really means is a lot of directed practice. There’s an interesting thing that has been going around the internet recently and a lot of my long-time colleagues, mentors and students have all been posting about. And the basic idea is that if you’re a good hairdresser, you should thank whoever you assisted. The point is that practice is important but is has to be directed, guided and purposeful practice. Being able to cut hair by instinct is just not going to be enough. There are people who have a natural eye and sense for working with hair but to translate that visual understanding into your hands and your scissors and your razors and all of the other technical tools that are involved in cutting hair today requires guided practice with experts. That’s where the true art of the profession really happens.
I went through my initial training 37 years ago. Back then, the geometric Sassoon approach to haircutting drove everything we did, particularly in the Northwest. We had a strong group of people here and that was a great time to be learning the profession. When you were training, you assisted, which meant you shampooed, you watched, you asked questions and when you were ready, you worked on models in a very step-by-step process. Our training began with the fundamentals of a one-length haircut and moved on from there.
Today, I do the same thing with the people who come to work with me. I start them in a very organized, step-by-step process. First you learn how to communicate with a guest. You learn how to shampoo. You learn how to drape them—really fundamental things. People often say, well that’s all easy. And maybe some of it is, but if you take the time to learn to do it correctly, you will develop the habit of paying attention to the little details. Then when you start to part someone’s hair with a comb and actually begin to apply stainless steel blades to their hair, you will have developed some respect for the importance of methodology and you will understand the reasons for adhering to each one of those steps.
It all begins with a basic understanding of the foundation, which is the outline you are going to create. Then you move into building—through graduation and eventually through layering—then all the different haircuts. When you start with the fundamentals, everything else is possible as you learn to translate your ideas through your hands to create the haircut that you’re envisioning.

[01/07/17]   Jane rated us 5 out of 5!

From the moment I walk in to the moment I walk out, everything is perfect! A glass of wine, hair cut with the most talented Helena, coming out looking beautiful. What more can I ask? Thank you for always being the best!!

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