PediWorx Edmonds

PediWorx Edmonds

The Pediworx system was developed with the infusion of the most advanced methods and tools brought from Europe.

Pediworx unique foot and nail care system is designed for gentle non-invasive work on skin and nails that ensures the removal of only dead cells. Our modern tools allow working on the skin in the same direction it grows without reputing its texture. Therefor the new skin grows back more slowly while preserving and improving its elasticity and healthier skin regrowth. Here you don't need to compromise your foot and nail health by soaking them in tubs shared by hundreds of other people. Pediworx unique system excludes water during services which eliminates risks of water-borne infection. We use disposable implements and sterilize non disposable tools. We have tools to take care of excessive callus, cracks, corns, thick nails and fungus in a non-invasive way. We also offer therapeutic gehwol products you can use at home to maintain your service results and keep your problem under control.

Head on down today and get the perfect Christmas gift

Now through Christmas we are selling Gift Certificates for Manicure/Pedicure for $55 and a Pedicure for $ stocking stuffer you can give to a loved one or to yourself.... Can purchase straight from me, Dawn, or at he front desk at Harbor Square Athletic club

We can help with severe problems. This lady has fungus and an ingrown toenail. These results are after just one treatment... With continued teatments we can permanently resolve her problem

[11/21/14]   Dear friends!
Yesterday we were a part of the Holliday event at Harbor Square Athletic Club in Edmonds, WA. Dawn Schoenen did a beautiful job with color matching with Jane Iredale make up. Schedule your 30 minute complementary color matching appointment with Dawn at (425) 778-3546. You can also schedule your color matching appointment with Leeza Musiyenko at Seattle Athletic Club at (206) 838-1810

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