Hair by Joey Seattle

Hair by Joey Seattle

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[09/07/10]   Style tips for a diamond shaped face:
- Decrease volume in the crown and at the side, ear
- Adding curl and fullness to the chin area and just
above the temples can help round out the look.
- Avoid styles
that mirror the diamond shape.

[09/01/10]   Hairstyling tips for a square face shape:
- Styles that round out your hair can decrease the appearance of a square face shape.
- Adding curl, angled or wispy bangs and a few wisps on the cheek area will all help.
- Get a hair cut that allows for some good height.
- Wear a side-part as opposed to a center part.
- Avoid straight bangs and straight hanging hair next to the face.

[08/30/10]   Hairstyling tips for a heart-shaped face shape:
- Decrease volume at the crown and the sides
- Adding curl and fullness to the chin area can help round out the look
- Wisps on the jaw area or bangs can help give a wider rounder appearance
- Avoid styles that mirror the heart shape of your face

[08/28/10]   Hairsyling tips for a round face shape:
- Increase the height & length; it should be beyond the chin or just above it.
- A side-part works well with this face shape.
- Decrease the volume at the sides/around the ear area.

[08/28/10]   What is your face shape? To find out, pull your hair off your face and look straight into the mirror. Trace the shape with a bar of soap, crayon or erasable marker; only trace following the hairline around your temples and forehead. This will give you a shape to reference for the following weeks of face shape tips. Round, oval, square, diamond or heart.

[08/16/10]   Life is an endless struggle full of frustration and challenges, but eventually you find a hair stylist you like. - Author Unknown



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