13 Boston Hair Design

13 Boston Hair Design

Our 25 ANNIVERSARY PARTY is today at 2:30! Come have tacos, cupcakes and cocktails! Let's celebrate

33 recalled 'toxic' hair straighteners found to still be on U.S markets


Even though your new hair straightener "doesn't have formaldehyde in it" new research shows otherwise.

mobile.cosmeticsdesign.com New research has revealed thirty-three hair-straightening products containing high levels of formaldehyde to still be on US markets, according to the Women’s Voices for the Earth.

Redken new Color Extend Magnetics SULFATE FREE!!

Thank you for all the support in 2013 and your continued support in 2014! Happy New Year!! 🎉

Wicked witch Maleficent (Sherri), perfecting her craft.

Kristin Chenoweth and Pamela Anderson just traded their long locks for pixie cuts!

If you didn't know... We cut men's hair too!

21 benefits in one bottle. Prime, protect and perfect your color treated hair with New Color Fanatic! We're not kidding, this magic in a bottle REALLY does everything it says it does!





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