Float Seattle

Float Seattle

Floatation tanks, isolation tanks and sensory deprivation tanks serving Seattle and Bellevue! No idea what that means? Mind blown? We have all the info and step by step walk throughs on our homepage at FloatSeattle.com.

We're off of Ravenna on 70th in the Greenlake Building. Floating is unlike anything you've ever experienced....you gotta come try this. Book now at FloatSeattle.com!

Powerful Joe Rogan.

Floating Through Innerspace: Why You Should Try A Sensory Underdose


In case you needed a reminder to try floating -

From one of our favorite resources High Existence


highexistence.com This is why you should try floating. Why it is awesome, who invented it, how it can be used, and Richard Feynman experience with floating.

By popular demand, 3 floats for $99.

Available till Christmas Day.


Today is the last day to take advantage of the deal of the season.

Give the gift of peace to someone you love (that someone could be you, you know).


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$39 To Change Your Life
Floating Isn't Scary

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408 NE 70th St
Seattle, WA

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Monday 7am - 11pm
Tuesday 7am - 11pm
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